Queensland Floods – One Year On

Today marks the one year anniversary of the floods that devastated Queensland in Australia. One year on and the state of Queensland is still trying to rebuild–some people still aren’t back in their homes. I just wanted to post to remind everyone that it is still possible to purchase copies of the charity anthology 100 Stories for Queensland. All proceeds go to help victims of the Queensland floods. Below are some links to places where the anthology can be purchased (either in paperback or ebook form). Not only will you be helping out, but you’ll get to read some fabulous stories by some talented authors. There’s something in there to suit everyone.

100 Stories for Queensland site

Amazon UK (free delivery to Australia and NZ on orders £25 and over)

Amazon US

Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

4 thoughts on “Queensland Floods – One Year On”

  1. Well done, Jo, for promoting this again. As I said I really enjoyed your story and well the whole antology in fact and one of my friends who was a child during the war especially mentioned how much he loved your story too. Such a lovely thing to do, writing for charity.


    1. Thank you. It was such an honour to be able to contribute. And thank you so much for buying a copy to help support flood victims.


      1. hi. if you are go9ing to read this then i would like to support my gratitude for making this book and supporting the poeople who were hit. i was in queensland during this time and i was hit hard. losing a close family member has hit me hard but i think that you should continue the great work.

        a 13 year old boy


  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It was an honour to be a part of this anthology so I could help families like yours who were hit hard by the floods. I hope you and your family have been able to recover and rebuild.


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