How to be an Author on Instagram


For a long time I put off the idea of joining Instagram as an author. As a social media platform that deals in images, I wasn’t sure how that would apply to someone who works with the written word. However, it seems more and more writers are taking on the world of Instagram, so I became curious. How do you present yourself as an author on a platform that deals in images?

I headed over to Instagram and looked up the profiles of my fellow authors to see how they did it.

1. Book covers

This was the obvious one. It is a great place to share your book cover when promoting a new release.

Drowned Earth cover promo

2. Writing Life

Many authors share snippets of their writing life in pictures. Laptops alongside coffee mugs. Notebooks open outside on the grass artistically surrounded by flowers. What I love about these pictures is that there is so much scope to get creative. And we writers love getting creative!


3. Books You Are Reading

Most writers are also voracious readers. Not only that, it gives you an opportunity to tap into potential future readers of your books. Show a photo of your ‘to-read’ pile or an artistically placed picture of the book you are currently reading. Don’t forget those hashtags!


4. Inspirational Writing Quotes

I saw this on a lot of author’s Instagram pages, and it was a big draw for me to want to follow them. Just a plain square or stock image with a quote in the middle. What inspires you as a writer might just inspire your fellow writers.


5. Images to Link in with Your Book

Writing an epic space saga? Share some space inspired images. Writing a cosy mystery? Share pictures of real life places that inspire the locales in your book.

A book about a frogs?


Feeling inspired, I finally took the leap into the world of Instagram. You can find me there as:

Feel free to follow along my Instagram journey.

And don’t forget I will still be using my regular social media platforms if Instagram is not for you:

Jo Hart – Author on Facebook

@gracefuldoe on Twitter

Already an Instagram user? Share your tips below in the comments.

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