Can’t Wait to Meet You

With less than two weeks until I’m due to give birth and less than two weeks until my eldest child starts school, my mind has been thinking of little else than getting organised for both these momentous events. It is little wonder I have been unable to think of something to blog about this week!

Thanks to the wonderful support and suggestions of the 12 x 12 challenge Facebook group, I’ve decided to allow myself a little creative time today to write a poem to share. As a teenager I used to write poetry all the time to get out my feelings onto paper; sadly, it’s something I don’t really do anymore. I’ve written this poem as a set of haikus.


Can’t Wait to Meet You

Every time I hear

Your heartbeat I’m filled with joy

Can’t wait to meet you.


Knowing you’re growing

Preparing to greet the world

Can’t wait to meet you.


God has plans for you

You were always meant to be

Can’t wait to meet you.


Next week (providing I’m not in hospital with a new arrival) I will post my monthly helpful writing posts round-up and after that I have a few guest posts lined up to help me through those early weeks with a newborn, but if my blog is a bit quieter over the next few months, you’ll know why. For now, I’m off to contact school books and label uniforms.


34 thoughts on “Can’t Wait to Meet You”

  1. Your poem is lovely, Jo! Can’t wait to meet you describes it so well! Hope your little one gets off to school smoothly and the birth is safe, easy and quick. And you can always get away with a few blog posts with cute baby pictures πŸ™‚


  2. This poem gave me chills, Jo! Just beautiful. I can’t wait to meet you little one too (virtually of course).

    Your little one will be our first 12 x 12 baby! πŸ™‚ Please post pictures on the group page once you are recovered and settled enough to do so. I know we’ll all be excited for news!


    1. Thank you, Julie! I’ll be sure to post a picture of bubs on the Facebook page. I love how fantastically supportive everyone is in the group.


    1. Thank you, Beth! The fact that I lost a baby prior to this one had influence over the poem as I wrote it. Every second of this pregnancy has been especially precious to me.


  3. Absolutely lovely. And now I want to have another one…see what you did?? πŸ™‚ Such an exciting time for you…we know you’ll be busy busy busy, but please pop in to introduce us to the little one!


    1. Thank you, Renee. Didn’t mean to make you clucky! Maybe I should post another poem on all the miserable parts of the pregnancy. I’ll have to remember to post a pic in the Facebook group.


  4. As a nanny who’s boss is getting ready to deliver a new baby in a few weeks, I can totally relate to “Can’t Wait to Meet You”. Congrats. The poem will be a lovely keepsake for your little one. Be sure to print it out and place it in the baby book or in a frame on the wall above the crib. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Kat. I didn’t even think about it being Month of Poetry–how appropriate! It shall be a special time and a busy time and a time of changes. I’m both excited and anxious. πŸ™‚


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