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Photo a Day Challenge

Has anyone else heard of the ‘Photo a Day’ challenge. It’s run by FatMumSlim who can be found on Facebook and Twitter or on her blog fatmumslim.com.au.

I’ve seen many people on my Facebook friends list doing this challenge throughout the year and love seeing their takes on the different prompts, so this month I decided to give it a go. (Here is the September prompt list).

I love writing through prompts. Several of my published stories were inspired by prompts. My children’s story ‘Green Nadine’ was inspired by the prompt ‘green’. My recently published short story ‘A Troll for Christmas’ was inspired by the line ‘Troll the ancient yuletide carol’ from the song ‘Deck the Halls’ and is one of my favourite stories to date.

I’m hoping one of the photos taken from these prompts might help inspire a picture book this month for 12 x 12, or at least help get my creative juices flowing by getting my mind to think in different ways.

The great thing about prompts is they are so open to interpretation and can be taken in so many different directions. No two people will interpret a story prompt in exactly the same way (just look at the other two stories in Deck the Halls that were inspired by the same line as my story–they’re completely different to my interpretation.)

In the spirit of talking about prompts, here is a prompt for you:


You can use it to write a story in any genre or even as a photo prompt. Be as creative or as literal or as metaphorical as you want. Have fun!