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World Autism Awareness Day


Did you know today (April 2nd) is World Autism Awareness Day? Autism awareness is something close to my heart.

Some facts about Autism:

1 in 100 children have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Autism is thought to have genetic links (it is NOT caused by vaccines).

Some symptoms include:

  • sensitivity issues (eg: not being able to cope with lots of noise, dislikes being touched)
  • inexplicable meltdowns (often caused by sensitivity issues or inability to cope with change)
  • specific interests/obsessions (which they may talk about non-stop even if you try to change the topic)
  • not using eye contact
  • may not like being touched (or alternatively may have no concept of personal space)
  • may exhibit unusual/repetitive motor movements (eg: flapping arms)

You can find out more here: Autism Spectrum (Australia) fact sheets

Did you know?

My superhero character Spectrum’s powers were inspired by some of the characteristics of those on the Autism Spectrum (hence her name). You can read about Spectrum, including a piece of flash fiction about her, here on my blog: Spectrum. Or, alternatively, in the charity anthology SuperHERo Tales (all proceeds go towards the Because I am a Girl charity).

SuperHERo Tales cover

In honour of Autism Awareness Day on my Facebook page I’m asking everyone to share the titles of books about characters on the spectrum or which have ‘blue’ in the title (as people are encouraged to sport blue for Autism Awareness today). Share some titles in the comments below and I will share them on my Facebook page!