Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo?

As the Smories site has shut down and you can no longer view the video of my children’s story ‘Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo?’, I’m making the story available to read here on my blog instead.

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Can you jump like a kangaroo?
I can jump all the way to Katmandu.
Can you spin like a spinning top?
I can spin and spin and never stop.
Can you sing like a little bird?
I can sing the best song you’ve ever heard.
Can you stomp like a dinosaur?
I can stomp so hard it shakes the floor.
Can you roll like a wagon wheel?
I can roll and tumble and do cartwheels.
Can you swim like a crocodile?
I can swim down the entire Nile.
Can you kick like a football star?
I can kick a ball all the way to Mars.
Can you swing like a chimpanzee?
I can swing as high as any tree.
There must be something you can’t do?
I can do anything you ask me to.
Can you fly like an aeroplane?
Of course I can’t, are you INSANE?

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