Writing Tools

Various worksheets and online resources and tools for writers.

Write or Die

I used this tool last year for NaNoWriMo and I don’t think I could have got as much written as I did without it. The idea is you have to keep writing until you reach the amount of time/words you set or you get ‘punished’. The punishments range from mild (an annoying noise) to severe (it starts erasing what you’ve written!). You get one pause, but once you’ve used it you can’t use it again for that session. I would use this one a lot if I got writers block, because it forced me to just write. It is also good if you are so many words off reaching your word goal for the day, as you can set the word goal you want to reach and just keep writing until you get to that goal. Don’t forget to copy and paste into your Word doc when your session is over.

Book in a Month Worksheets

These worksheets are primarily geared towards planning for NaNoWriMo, but they are great planning tools for anyone thinking about starting a new novel idea. There’s a planning sheet for everything from story idea maps to character sketches to act one, two and three plot goals.


Free novel writing software for writers designed by a writer. Some of its features include the ability to separate your MS into chapters/scenes, keep track of characters, and include character/location descriptions. My favourite feature is the one where a computer voice reads aloud your writing – it’s a bit robotic sounding, but also a great way to pick up on typos.


An online program for creating word clouds. It gives prominence to words found most frequently in the text you paste in – a great tool for discovering crutch/overused words in your writing. You have the option to switch off common words (like ‘and’ and ‘the’) and there is an option (under language) to show the word counts for each individual word.

8 Apps Every Writer Should Have

A list of 8 helpful writing apps for your phone, including a story tracking app for those who are in the process of submitting queries and a rhyming app for poets/picture book writers.

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