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My name is Jo Hart and I am an aspiring author living in Australia. I have always had a great passion for the written word and started this blog as a way to share my passion with others.

My Blog

My main aim for this blog is to share writing tips I have learned, links to helpful writing sites and my own writing journey with other writers. I have found the writing community to be a friendly and supportive community and I hope my blog can help and inspire other writers as much as others have helped and inspired me.

My editions of ‘Helpful Writing Sites and Blog Posts’ provide links to the most helpful sites I come across and are compiled into a master list with categories on everything from character development to word count to editing to querying. Everything a writer needs to know! You can find the masterlist of helpful writing sites and blog posts in the navigation bar at the top of my blog.

My Writing

My favourite genres to write are fantasy and mystery, though I like to dabble in a variety of genres. I love writing children’s stories (picture books through to young adult), though I also write short stories for an older readership.

I have stories published in various anthologies and online. You can find out more about them here:

Published Works

FREE to read stories


Behind the Pen

I live in the peace and quiet of a small country town with my four young children. I love the country atmosphere and being able to sit outside with nature and my thoughts.

I graduated university with a Bachelor of Education and I taught students at primary school level for a number of years, though at the moment I am on a break from teaching to focus on my family and my writing. I also completed a major in Writing and electives in Language and Literacy and Indigenous Literature.

Facebook Page:

Jo Hart – Author



You can e-mail me at:

thegracefuldoe (at) hotmail (dot) com


Honourable Mention (for a fun, well-written animal entry) Susanna Hill’s 2015 Annual Holiday Writing Contest

Jungle Bell Rock

Finalist Susanna Hill’s 2012 Annual Holiday Writing Contest

Dashing Through the School

Finalist 2013 Australian Literature Review Short Story Competition ‘Mystery’

Murder at Beaumont Manor

2nd Place 2011 CYA Conference Competition (preschool category)

Monster Sister

Finalist 2011 Australian Literature Review Short Story Competition ‘Troubled Family Relationship’

The Family Waldorf

3rd Place 2010 Smories International Short Story Competition

Can You Jump Like a Kangaroo?

Guest Posts

‘How to Write More – Tips and Tricks for a Quick First Draft’ – guest post on the Chapter Book Challenge blog

‘Tuesday 12 x 12: Jo Hart’ – guest post on Julie Hedlund’s blog

‘What Harry Potter has Taught Me About Writing’ – guest post on Harry Potter for Writers


‘Top 10 Ways to Give Children a Head Start (Without Pressuring Them)’ – lifeinfotainment.com


Interview on Aussie Speculative Fiction

Interview on Emily Moreton’s blog

Interview on the Chester Lewis site

Interview on Fleur McDonald’s blog

Interview on The Australian Literature Review

NiFtY interview on Beth Hull’s blog

Before They Were Published interview on Jest Kept Secret

Interview on Peevish Penman’s blog

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Jo, thanks for following me on Twitter! And congratulations on your CYA success! Fantastic! One of my colleagues here in Tassie entered and won the illustration section so it’s all very exciting. Keep up the good work with your short stories! Cheers, Penny.


  2. Hi Penny, no problem! And thank you so much! How very exciting for your colleague, it’s a great competition. I have a couple more short stories set to be published in the near future, so stay tuned. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  3. Hi Jo – I am an Australian living in New Zealand. I am doing my final school year’s English research on your text – The Family Waldorf. Could you please help me?
    -When and where is the society set?
    -How does the expectations of wider society influence the -relationships between the family?
    -Why does the family behave this way (so competitive with each other).

    It would mean so much to me (and my grade!) if you could aid me.


    Maddison James


    1. Hi Maddison. These are great questions. I replied to your message through Facebook with my answers. I hope they help and your assignment goes well.


  4. Your blog is so interesting and easy to browse! I’m an aspiring writer too–I’ve already found lots of helpful things on your blog. I’m definitely going to pass it along!


  5. Hi Jo! It’s nice to meet you here. Like you I took a seven year leave from teaching when my children were small. It was the most rewarding time of my life and I would never trade it for anything. Enjoy your time with your kids and I hope to hear more about your writing experiences!


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Juliana. I’m definitely enjoying my time with my kids. I’m looking at going back teaching as a substitute teacher this year as my two eldest will be at school, leaving just one still at home (I’ll be sharing home duties with hubby, as he works from home).


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