Launch Day! 3 Reasons to Come to the Launch Party!

beautiful&deadlycover FINALI’m so excited!!! I can’t believe launch day is finally here! As of right now Beautiful & Deadly is LIVE on Amazon! Check it out here. It’s currently priced at $3.49 USD ($4.85 AUD), but it will become FREE for 48 hours to coincide with the launch party. So at about 12:00am PST (7:00pm AEST) on the 30th September it will become available FREE!

3 Reasons to Come to the Launch Party!

Number 1

There are going to be some great PRIZE GIVEAWAYS! Including:

Number 2

I’ll be posting excerpts and sharing the background behind the stories over the duration of the launch. Plus there are some fun activities planned, too!

Number 3

You’ll be the first to know when the book goes FREE!

I seriously can’t contain how excited I am! I hope to see you all at the launch party. Please spread the word!



2 thoughts on “Launch Day! 3 Reasons to Come to the Launch Party!”

  1. Congratulations, Jo! How exciting for you! I picked up a free copy of your book on a few minutes ago, but since I’m not on FaceBook all I can do is read the fun that’s happening in your fabulous launch party. I hope your book does very, very well and that your writing career gets a good boost through all this.
    Again, congratulations to you! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lynn! I hope you enjoy reading ‘Beautiful & Deadly’. I’m glad you’re able follow along with the launch party, even if you can’t join in. Please leave a review after you’ve finished reading and let me know how you found the collection! Thank you so much for your well wishes! 🙂


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