No ‘E’ Challenge Share Day


Ready to share your paragraphs from the challenge? It was a tough one this round.

Here’s a reminder of the challenge: No ‘E’ Challenge

If you’re just joining us, it’s not too late to jump in and have a go!

Be sure to check closely for those pesky Es. I had a few sneak into mine and I had to revise!

I chose the frog picture for my prompt:

A tiny frog sits on my hand. “Croaaaak!” it says. It hops off my hand and into a patch of grass, looking for a tasty snack of fruit fly fairy floss or mosquito muffins. It spots its lunch: a tasty bug with black and brown spots. Hop. Hop. Stop. Hop. Hop. Caught! My child’s hand wraps around its slimy body. A lucky black and brown bug is not a tasty snack this morning. A tiny frog is still hungry. “Don’t worry, froggy,” says my child. “I’ll find you a yummy biscuit from Mum’s pantry.”

Please feel free to share your paragraphs in the comments below. If you don’t want to share, tell us about how you found the challenge. Was it challenging writing a paragraph with no Es?

2 thoughts on “No ‘E’ Challenge Share Day”

  1. I also chose the frog – and mine went through quite a few revisions before I could get all those pesky e’s out. Was VERY fun to do – thanks! Love yours. Mine is below:

    A tiny frog sits on my pinky – again. Why is it so angry? Did it fall off a branch and land on my hand? Will it nip my skin off? Why is it looking into my pupils that way? What did I do?
    It thinks I’m icky – I know. Should I say I’m sorry? But I didn’t do anything. I think I should ask for an apology from it. If it won’t, I will drop it and smash its guts. That will stop my conundrum, no doubt. What do you think?


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