January Inspiration

Although this post is primarily written with those partaking in 12 x 12 in mind, it can serve as inspiration for anyone in need of a writing muse.

It’s the first month of 12 x 12, so hopefully you’ve come into the challenge full of fresh ideas, ready to write and, for some, maybe a notepad full of ideas from PiBoIdMo. But maybe you’re already lost. Maybe you did 12 x 12 last year and you’ve exhausted your well of ideas. Maybe you thought your ideas were great, but now when you try to write a PB, they’re not sparking like you expected. But not to worry, if you need a bit of inspiration, here is a list of prompts (including a picture prompt). Maybe a single prompt word will prompt a story. Maybe a combination of prompt words will. Hopefully there will be something there to inspire you. Good luck!



Who is she? Where is she? What is she doing? Why?


  • Summer
  • Holiday
  • Swimming pool
  • Barbeque
  • Australia/New Zealand



  • Snowman
  • Frosty window
  • Winter
  • Martin Luther King
  • Fire



  • Snake
  • Fireworks
  • Doorway
  • Wolf

2 thoughts on “January Inspiration”

  1. My daughter is always talking about princesses and castles, and yet I can’t remember a recent castle book, can you? Thanks, Jo!


    1. You know, I actually can’t think of a recent one off the top of my head (except for the Disney Princess book my daughter just got, but those will always be rehashed in new form). Happy writing!


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