And the Worst Blogger Award goes to…

I’m feeling like the worst blogger in the world at the moment! Winter is always terrible for illnesses in our household. As a result, it is also terrible for keeping up with blogging.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts over the past months, hopefully with spring only days away and bubs’ naps becoming more routine I will be able to return soon!

There won’t be a Helpful Writing Sites and Blog Posts post again this month, but hopefully those will be returning soon, also.

I hope everyone who went to Write on Con enjoyed it and got a lot out of it, I know I did.

6 thoughts on “And the Worst Blogger Award goes to…”

  1. Hope you all are feeling better! I didn’t know that Australia’s winter coincided with the USA’s summer!? That’s a fun new fact I learned today!



    1. We are well on the road to recovery, just praying we’ve seen the last of it. Yes, Australia’s season are opposite to the USA’s seasons, though they don’t align exactly, I recently found out. I believe your winter and summer start on the equinoxes, whereas here they start on the first of the month (1st of June for winter and 1st of December for summer).


    1. Thank you, Jarm. We’ve got our first blossoms starting to come out and beautiful warm days so far this week.


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