Write on Con is Nearly Here

I’m so excited for Write on Con this year. I attended last year and got so much out of it. This year it will be commencing on August 16th.

What is Write on Con?

Write on Con is an online conference for writers of kidlit (from picture books through to young adult). It’s for writers all over the world and best of all it’s FREE!

What Happens at Write on Con?

– Live chats and blogging events with professionals in the industry, such as agents.

– Query critique sessions.

– Posts from industry professionals and authors on a variety of topics, from querying to characters and everything in between.

– Workshops.

– Peer critiques (queries/first 250 words/first 5 pages) in the forum.

– Contests.

– Writing discussions (in the forum).

Why I Love Write on Con

It’s FREE. As someone living on a tight budget, I feel guilty spending money on conferences when we’re paying off our house and we need a new freezer, so Write on Con is a God send for me.

It’s online. I live rurally – about a three hour drive to the nearest big city where all the conferences take place. Not only can I not afford to travel to and stay overnight in the city to attend, I also have two small children at home. At Write on Con I get to attend from my own home – no travel required. (I can even wear my pyjamas if I want!)

Meeting fellow writers. Last year I met some really lovely writers whom I still talk to now. I even started up a critique group with a few of them following the conference, which is still going strong.

Learning lots about the craft and the publishing industry. Last year I came away with so much fabulous information from the live blogs, chats and posts by the industry professionals and authors that I’ve been able to put into practice with my writing. And even if you can’t attend one of the live events (due to timezone or other commitments) you can still access it afterwards.

I highly recommend Write on Con for anyone who writes children’s literature.

You can check out Write on Con here: http://writeoncon.com

And register for the forums here (you can even introduce yourself already):ย  http://writeoncon.com/forum/forum.php

8 thoughts on “Write on Con is Nearly Here”

  1. Thank you endlessly for this post. I’d heard about Write on Con through twitter circles, but it never occurred to me that it was an ONLINE, FREE resource. How lucky for me, who not only lives in Australia, but on the event-less side, AND four hours from the closest major city. I never get to attend conferences, and now I have this wonderful opportunity, so now I owe you one!

    I’m signed up under the name Tamara if you want to friend me ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. No problem, Tamara! I’m in exactly the same boat. I live in Australia about three hours away from the closest major city and never get to go to conferences. I was so stoked to have found out about Write on Con last year, it really is a fantastic opportunity for those of us who usually miss out.

    I’ll look out for you on the forum, I’m signed up under gracefuldoe ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Only a few days to go! Glad I could let you know it’s nearly here. I look forward to seeing you there again this year ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. It would be great if there was something like this for other authors. Write on Con was started by a group of kidlit writers, so perhaps other genre writers could get together and start their own version.


  5. Glad you’re enjoying Write on Con. There’s so much there for writers. And glad you like my blog roll; I try to include blogs I find particularly helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚


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