Introducing Jo’s Labyrinth

I’m launching a new site today aimed at children, teens, teachers and parents. It is to be a Literacy based site with a focus on reading, books and creative writing. Some of the sections include Monday Munchkins for parents/teachers of young children, Teacher Tuesday for Literacy teachers, Writer Wednesday for children and teens interested in creative writing and Friday Favourites, which will have books reviews of children’s/teen Literature (from picture books through to young adult novels) with input from my own kids.

I came to realise that while my writing blog is great for sharing my writing journey and sharing tips with fellow writers, it is not the sort of blog that appeals to my target readership. Although my short stories are aimed at an older audience, my main passion is writing picture books and children’s Literature (including young adult). I wanted to start a blog/site that appeals more to kids and teens. As a teacher/writer/mum, I’ve also had a lot of mums come to me for advice on encouraging their children to read/write, and have in the past toyed with the idea of a mummy blog. Thirdly, as a teacher who is currently not teaching I have a vast collection of teaching resources and ideas that aren’t being used and I thought it would be great to share them with my fellow teachers. On top of all that, I want to share my love of reading and writing with a new generation of readers and writers, so Jo’s Labyrinth was born.

I will still be blogging on The Graceful Doe. This is still the home for blogging about my writing journey, sharing writing tips with my fellow writers and providing links to writing resources. The Graceful Doe is my ‘grown up’ blog.

You can have a look at Jo’s Labyrinth here.

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