AusLit Australian Literature Anthology

February 2011 has so far been a very good month to me. Earlier in the month I received news I had made the final list for the 100 Stories for Queensland anthology, an anthology to raise money for those affected by the terrible floods at the beginning of the year. Today I have some more exciting news to share. My short story ‘Angel Blood’ is to be included in the AusLit Australian Literature anthology due to be released in April. The anthology features ten stories by a range of commercially published and emerging Australian authors.

A little about the authors involved:

Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is a children’s book author with two currently published picture books Poppy Wash and Can I Cuddle the Moon.

JJ Cooper

JJ Cooper is the author of two action thrillers, The Interrogator and Deadly Trust.

Rebecca James

Rebecca James is the author of pschological thriller Beautiful Malice.

Fleur McDonald

Fleur McDonald’s novels Blue Skies and Red Dust feature strong female protagonists living on the land.

Michael Pryor

YA fantasy author Michael Pryor is the author of several series and stand alone novels, including ‘The Laws of Magic’ series and the ‘Doorways’ trilogy.

Sam Stephens

Sam Stephens is an aspiring novelist. His award winning short stories Daddy and The Surgeon can both be found on The Australian Literature Review website.

Michael White

Michael White is author of Equinox, The Medici Secret and The Borgia Ring. He also writes the ‘E-Force’ series under the pseudonym Sam Fisher.

Belinda Dorio and Sonali Rajanayagam complete the author list for the anthology.

11 thoughts on “AusLit Australian Literature Anthology”

  1. How wonderful. I couldn’t be happier for you. You have worked hard for this and deserve the recognition. Well done my darling girl.


  2. Susan – Thank-you! And thanks AusLit for answering, it’s good to know my overseas friends will be able to get copies too.
    Brooke – Thank-you, I can’t wait to be holding a copy in my hand!
    Heather – Thanks Mum πŸ˜€
    Sam – Thanks! And to you too! It’s definitely an honour to be in an anthology alongside such great writers. Can’t wait to read your story, as I’ve enjoyed reading the ones you have up on the AusLit website. Can’t wait to read all the stories!
    (I think someone needs to take-away my exclamation point key now.)


  3. Thanks Catherine! I hope the ball keeps rolling too, and hopefully something will happen for you soon as well πŸ™‚


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