Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo?

I have some exciting news to share today. I mentioned not long ago that a children’s picture book story I submitted to was shortlisted. All the shortlisted stories have now been filmed and posted to the site. You can see my story here:

Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo?

Submissions have just closed for their third and final competition, but they will be starting something new. Once competition three is over they will be posting a story a day on the site. Submissions are now open for anyone who wants to submit a children’s story to be featured as one of the stories a day. While you don’t win anything for these stories, it’s great exposure for you as a writer. You can even set up your own author bio page on the site. Here is a link to their submissions page:

6 thoughts on “Can You Jump Like A Kangaroo?”

  1. She did a wonderful job reading it, her expression was fantastic. She was just gorgeous.

    And thank-you so much! 🙂


  2. Hi, Jo

    I learned about this lovely story of yours from Currently, I work as an EFL teacher in Taiwan. I’ve shown the video to my students and they loved it! I wonder if there’s anyway I can get a copy of this book? Perhaps by ordering it on-line?

    Best regards,


  3. I’m so glad your students enjoyed my story! At the moment the story isn’t available in book form, only online at I’m currently preparing to send it out to publishers, so hopefully it will be available in book form sometime in the future.


    1. hi Jo

      I did let my students perform your poem and made it into a short 3 min film. by any chance, would you be interested in having a look? i can upload it to youtube and make sure it’s only available to those who have the exact web link to view. the parents of my young students enjoyed the performance at the talent show. thank you for writing such a great poem, and my students thank you for giving me such a fun material for them to perform.


  4. Hi Joy,

    I would love to see the performance! However, I’m a little wary of it being up on youtube as the story is out on submission to publishers at the moment. I’m so glad your students had fun performing the story and that the parents enjoyed it too. I would love to see the video, I wonder if there’s another way. You can e-mail me at thegracefuldoe at hotmail dot com if like.


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