Creating visual imagery

I’ve been working hard on my novel this past month as part of NaNoWriMo and making great progress. I am at a stage in my novel where my characters are about to enter a labyrinth so I spent most of yesterday sketching a labyrinth on a piece of paper to help me better visualise how my characters will proceed through the labyrinth in my story. I’ve found many times in the past when writing stories I like to sketch elements of my story to help me get a good visual image in solid form. In the past I’ve sketched the layout of the houses in a street, creatures appearing in a story and characters. I nearly always sketch characters for my story, I find it helps inspire me when describing them, because sketching them first allows me to consider all aspects of their physical appearance. As for things like street layouts and labyrinths, I’ve found it helps me keep all the details consistent when I am writing a story.

I don’t know if any other writers out there are inclined to do the same thing, or something similar, but it is just a little something I do to really immerse myself in the story I am writing. I remember when I was younger and I wrote stories I would actually dress my Barbie dolls up as my characters so I could give my characters physical form. I’ve also used the Sims video game to give physical form to my characters too.

In regards to using visual imagery in my current novel, ywriter (the program I’ve been using to set out my story) has a great little feature that allows you to include images in your character bios, location descriptions and even with your scenes. This feature really appealed to me and I have been using it to its full extent. I’ve had a lot of fun googling images I think suit the various locations/characters/scenes in my novel so I can put them into ywriter.

I guess I should stop procrastinating now and get back to my novel… back into the labyrinth I go 😉

2 thoughts on “Creating visual imagery”

  1. Hey, i have this thing in creative writting class, they are giving me a topic and i am supposed to write a story using either, Visual, Auditory or Tactile imagery, and i decided to used Visual imagery, so can u please give me some examples and explain how to use Visual imagery in writting a story.


  2. Hi Maria. Visual imagery is about showing/describing what the character sees so the readers can feel like they are there experiencing it for themselves. I find when I’m writing, sometimes it helps to close my eyes and imagine I am there, then describe what I can see. For example, let’s say the story is about a girl lost in the woods, I might use visual imagery to describe her surroundings:

    The trees loomed over her, stretching up into the sky. The thick trunks surrounded her–suffocated her. An errant leaf floated to the ground, landing at her feet. She spun around. Every direction looked the same. Which way had she come? Were those her footprints scuffed in the dirt or those of some forest creature? A lizard scampered across her path. Tabby pushed on. Had she passed that bush already? Its fragrant pink blooms looked familiar and the way its branches parted in the middle making it look like a crooked heart.

    Hope that helps!


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